The Mecca Gym got its roots from Eric Cafferty’s personal training business. Eric’s training business grew from its start in 2008 at only a handful of clients to over 130 active clients in 2015 with the total impact over the years being multiple hundreds of individuals.

To meet the demand of clients and provide better service Eric and Kaycee formed The Mecca Gym in 2015. Although The Mecca was created out of necessity for Eric’s clientele The Mecca evolved into a 9000 square foot fully operational gym with the purpose of supplying a state-of-the-art fitness facility to the entire Treasure Valley.

The Mecca Gym caters toward anyone and everyone that is serious about achieving their fitness goals.


Definition: 1.the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor. 2. mental power, force, or vigor. 3. moral power, firmness, or courage.

The Mecca Gym specialises in strength. As a gym The Mecca caters toward powerlifters and other strength athletes and has equipment designed for heavy loads. The Mecca Gym also focuses on helping every member on their journey to strength not only on a physical level, but mental as well. Through proper utilization of The Mecca Gym’s facility one can expect to become strong on many different fronts.



Definition: 1. a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art.

The Mecca Gym specializes in aesthetics. As a gym The Mecca caters towards those competing in any type of physique sports such as bodybuilding, figure, physique, fitness, and bikini. The Mecca has equipment designed for use in body composition change to maximize efforts to lose body fat and gain muscle mass.


Definition: 1. A systematically organized body of knowledge on a particular subject.

The Mecca Gym is built on a foundation of science. At The Mecca education plays a key role in validating training practices and equipment selection. At The Mecca science and current research are used to enhance training methods. By having a the scientific process integrated into The Mecca Gym it is constantly improving and training principals are constantly advancing.