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I have been a massage therapist for 15 amazing years. I thoroughly love what I do. I enjoy all aspects of my career from the couple looking for a relaxing retreat, to pain management and rehabilitation style clients. I love working with my lifestyle coaching clients and assisting them in a full transformation.

My love for “going deeper” with clients and uncovering the problem under the problem fuels my passion for deep tissue and restorative work. I specialize in structural integration to physically re-align the structure of body. This technique is especially effective for athletes, and those recovering from accidents, but does not exclude the cubical warriors!

I offer life style coaching massage packages. Combined with massage and Touch for Health techniques to align the mind and body. Touch for Health is a kinesiology study tapping into the energy meridians used for acupuncture to bring balance to muscles and alignment to the mind and body. Touch for Health releases the stored emotional muscle memory and enables my clients to truly “let go,” of the tension they are holding.

To further assist my coaching clients, I continually expand my knowledge and understanding of the body’s amazing and miraculous ways of healing itself. Chakra balance and release is another one of my tools for assisting clients to their best selves. Often we lack the tools or understanding to navigate the complicated compensation systems the body and mind will employ to “just keep us going.” The nagging physical issues in life often have a emtional counterpart. Chakra balancing assists clients to release stored stress and past issues. The chakra system is not a religious practice but a belief that if our innerspirit is not healthy, our body will follow suit. Working through physical issues and mental/emotional roadblocks with my clients is my passion. Chakra release is foundational to providing long term results for my lifestyle clients.