Alex Mostacero

Alex Mostacero

Education: B.S. Exercise Science and Health (Health and Human Performance)


Training Philosophy: Alex joined the Mecca Gym Coaching Staff in February 2020 after graduating from The University of Idaho with a Bachelors in Exercise Science in 2019. Throughout his own athletic journey, Alex found the gym at a young age and became fascinated with the capabilities of the human body and the many benefits exercise was able to provide. Alex has participated in a variety of sports and variations within athletics but has a passion for Powerlifting and strength related sport. Recently he placed first in a USAPL Sanctioned Meet and was able to achieve Best Lifter on the platform, with Competing on the national stage.  In an ever- changing field, Alex tries his best to continually gain new perspective and knowledge that can applied to his craft as a coach and give the best version of himself to his clients. Although his personal focus is mainly strength, Alex has a genuine passion for helping everyone achieve their own respective goals.

Specializes In: Powerlifting, Body Re-composition, Weight Loss



Whether you’re just getting started or a veteran in the game, it never hurts to remember where you started. What ever it is your dealing with as a teenager or an adult, understanding just how frustrating it can be to find a good gym to join. The Mecca Gym is the best place in my opinion! I am 37 and I’ve been a member of The Mecca for over a year now and I love it. I deal with Hypothyroidism and I have always used that as an excuse for my weight gain, it was so hard for me to lose weight, so I decided to make a change and get a personal trainer. Alex Mostacero is who I got as my trainer he was new to the gym, not one of the regular trainers that I always see . I am so happy of the progress I have made because of Alex. In the 5 months I have been training with Alex he has put me on a diet plan and an amazing workout regime, I am down 2 pant sizes, went from a large shirt to a medium and put on muscle, something I thought I couldn’t do at my age. Alex is a trustworthy trainer, a great listener one that is focused on your needs, he is not the type of trainer to let you slack off. He has authority and you can tell that he loves what he does, he takes pride in his work and cares for the needs of his clients, I am forever thankful that I got Alex as my trainer it’s because of him that I can say I CAN lose the weight I CAN be a better person it’s because of him I have a badass trainer and a friend. The Mecca Gym is just amazing, everyone there is so friendly and helpful and if you are looking to make a change talk to Alex!!

Alex Soto 37, Nampa ID

“I haven’t felt more welcome and comfortable than I do at The Mecca. Everyone from the front desk to the members are always so helpful and friendly. I came to Mecca hoping to get stronger and get back into a routine of going to the gym. With the help of my trainer, Alex, I am more motivated to exercise daily and I am able to see a significant difference in my strength! “

Angelita, 25, Boise, ID

“I’ve been training with Alex for about 8 weeks, and I can’t say enough great things. He’s thoroughly knowledgeable and just an enjoyable person to be around, I look forward to our in person sessions. All of his programming is easy to follow, simple, and has yielded fantastic results. I’ve never been this strong in my life, and I have to say without Alex’s coaching and guidance I wouldn’t have made it. Top quality coach, and throughout our time together, I can say top quality friend as well!”

Jordan Williams, 27, Boise, ID


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