Laura Pulkinen – Health and Wellness Coordinator

Laura Pulkinen – Health and Wellness Coordinator

Health & Wellness Coordinator, Trainer

Education: MS Kinesiology, emphasis Exercise Physiology. BS Exercise Science, Wellness, and Physical Education

Certifications: ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Certified Personal Trainer, Exercise is Medicine 3, Precision Nutrition Coach 1, ACLS/BLS, soon to be Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Training Philosophy: Laura has over 10 years experience working with many different individuals in both a gym and clinical setting. She will help you find your correct path to improved health through evidence based nutritional guidance and exercise programming that you will enjoy and be able to sustain long term. Client successes range from “being able to come off of blood pressure medications” to “first time bodybuilders taking overall champion titles and becoming nationally qualified”. Laura and her husband both train at the Mecca Gym. They live by “practice what you preach” and by doing so she has done three NPC shows, a spartan race, several triathlons, and continues to work on her overall health daily.

Specializes In: Weight loss, Bodybuilding, Improving Overall Health & Wellness, Body Recomposition, Lifestyle Changes, Pre & Postnatal, Post Cardiopulmonary Rehab, Corrective exercise specialist, Musculsketel impairments, Chronic disease management (hypertension, diabeties, metabolic syndrome, etc)


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