We would like to thank all our Mecca Family Members for the patience and cooperation you have shown us through these uncertain times. We clearly would not be here if it wasn’t for you- our loyal members. In correspondence with Governor Little’s current phase, we are officially re-opening to the public. However, we are requiring members to continue scheduling gym time blocks to ensure we adhere to a controlled number of people at a time.
The necessary precautions and guidelines will continue to be enforced:
  1. We are limiting the amount of people to 20 members to sign up per time slot on a first come first serve basis.
  2. If you are wanting to workout, you will need to use the sign up forum (link below).
  3. If you arrive and do not have your time reserved, The Mecca Gym has the right to request you to sign up and return during your selected time.
  4. Workout during your time, and your time only.
  5. Limit your workout session to the maximum time of 1.5 hours or less. We will continue this time frame until we can increase the amount of members allowed in a time slot.
  6. If you can not make your selected workout time, simply log back into the system and cancel it. This will allow another gym member to use this time.
  7. Respect the 6′ social distancing rule by staying at least one machine length between each other.
  8. Members of the same household may use the same machine.
  9. Everyone must wipe down their equipment immediately after their use. This includes dumbbells, plates, collars, handles, bars, accessories, pins, leather, and even cardio equipment.
  10. Disinfectant spray and yellow towels will be provided.
  11. Please have a personal towel with you at all times during your workout to collect your body sweat and avoid excess sweat contact with the machines. Do not use your personal towel to wipe down machines, equipment or accessories, use the yellow towels provided.
  12. If you are sick or feeling under the weather, STAY HOME. Do not come to the gym to “sweat it out”. The Mecca Gym has the right to refuse entry to any member who appears less than healthy and will be performing “screening’s” to make sure no one will be coming in sick.
  13. Wash your hands upon arrival to The Mecca Gym, throughout your workout, and before you leave. Hand sanitizer is provided through out the gym.
  14. Hold each other accountable to keep The Mecca Gym clean and germ free!

Please note: childcare facilities cannot reopen until June 1st, please plan accordingly.

To schedule your workout, please click here.