Marlon Carson, BS, CSCS

“My goal is to apply and share all I have learned with the clients I have the privilege of working with”

Hello, my name is Marlon Carson and I am a personal trainer here at The Mecca Gym. My personal fitness journey began 12 years ago as a teenager, where I first was introduced to weight lifting for performance for football. Since that first introduction, I became obsessed with a multitude of areas within physiological development including strength, speed, power, and body fat/weight manipulation. This infatuation with the human body’s ability to change and perform led me to pursue and graduate with a degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science from Boise State University. Having acquired a large body of information during my undergrad, my goal is to apply and share all I have learned with the clients I have the privilege of working with. I find tremendous satisfaction in the practical application of my knowledge as it helps others reach their goals!

Thank you for your time, I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

“I started seeing coach Marlon not really knowing much about weight lifting. I have had the Bankart repair shoulder surgery, so it was very important that my trainer used extreme caution to make absolute sure I did everything I could to prevent injury when lifting. And going to Marlon was definitely the right decision. He created a custom 5 day a week workout that was designed specifically to avoid undue shoulder strain. He was very careful during workouts and often checked in to make sure there was no pain during lifts. Not only did he painstakingly teach me correct bench, squat, and deadlift form but also gave me a huge list of alternate lifts I could mix my workout up with. I made more progress with Marlon in 8 weeks than I did lifting a year on my own. He designed an excellent diet plan that perfectly calculated macros to best meet my goals. I highly recommend anyone, experienced or not, to use Marlon as your physical trainer! I came away with an excellent lifting regiment & diet plan that is helping me reach my fitness goals efficiently and effectively.”

“I am pleased with Marlon as my fitness coach.  He has a great knowledge of diet and lifting techniques that he has passed on to me.  He recognized my poor lifting form and corrected me in a way that made sense to me.  I am currently doing the online training with him now, and have been very pleased with how quickly he gets back to me with all my questions.  I have seen a difference in just a few weeks in my lifts already.  Just a Novice, but I enjoy the drive of the gym and Marlon as my Trainer.”
-Russell Trone