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Allegra Simms

The Mecca Gym Boise Idaho Coach Trainer Allegra Simms
The Mecca Gym Boise Idaho Coach Trainer Allegra Simms
Allegra Simms

Prep Coach & Trainer

Master’s Degree in Forensic Technology with a Specialization in Blood Spatter Analysis, Undergraduate Degree in Forensic Anthropology with a specialization in Skeletal Analysis
– ACE Certified – Precision Nutrition Certified
Expert Knowledge
Improving Overall Health & Wellness, Weight loss, Bodybuilding Competition Prep, Bikini Bodybuilding Posing
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Training Philosophy

Allegra has been an athlete her whole life; playing soccer sports at the collegiate level. Now she focuses her competitive drive on Bikini Bodybuilding, both as a coach and athlete in the sport. She has competed nationally for 3 years and is aiming to earn her pro card in the IFBB. Growing up an athlete Allegra has always been passionate about health, fitness, and overall wellness and transitioned from her corporate job to be a full-time prep coach with athletes getting ready for a bodybuilding show as well as improving overall health in lifestyle clients. She believes everyone comes from a different fitness background and because of that there is no one size fits all approach to becoming a better, healthier version of themselves.

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