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Donald Ochoa

The Mecca Gym Boise Idaho Coach Trainer Donald Ochoa
The Mecca Gym Boise Idaho Coach Trainer Donald Ochoa
Donald Ochoa

Lifestyle Coach & Personal Trainer

– BS Kinesiology- Exercise Science, GWC – Pharmacology/Chemistry, NWC
– American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified – Certified Pharmacy Technician (PTCB)
Expert Knowledge
General Health & Wellness, Lifestyle Change, Weight Loss, Body Recomposition, Bodybuilding, Nutrition Coaching, Biomechanics, Injury Prevention, Movement Programming
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Training Philosophy

Donald grew up in Long Beach, CA where he surfed, played soccer, and skateboarded. Throughout high school, he was always active in sports, but found his true passion with bodybuilding and hasn’t stopped since. His goal is to compete in his first bodybuilding show in the next 2-3 years. Outside of his transformations, Donald believes a healthy lifestyle is so much more than just being in the gym and lifting weights. It’s about nutrition, recovery (rest & sleep), progressive overload in the gym, and much more. In addition, Donald has worked alongside a physical therapist for over 5 years and has substantial knowledge of the human body’s anatomy and function. Modifying and structuring a program as needed to prevent, heal or reduce injury risk and to ultimately minimize the risk of health-related issues. He is passionate about inspiring and empowering individuals to seek lifelong lifestyle changes. Not only to live a healthier life, but to find confidence, happiness, and feel good every day.

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