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Natalie Nichols, CPT

“Natalie understands the struggles of choosing between spending time to better ourselves, or focusing on our families.”

Natalie Nichols is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and wife to Trainer Chet Nichols.  She is a mother of 4 children, ages 23, 18, 13, and 11.  She understands the struggles of choosing between spending time to better ourselves or focusing on our families.

Women tend to have a natural tendency to try to help those around us and we inadvertently lose ourselves somewhere along the way.  We stop recognizing the person staring back at us in the mirror and then we get into the mindset that it is impossible to get our bodies and our health back to where we want to be, and in those moments where we think about making positive changes, we feel guilty and selfish.  When we get to this point, we start to feel bad emotionally and physically.

Natalie believes that the LEAST selfish thing you can do when you get to that point is to take care of your emotional and physical health.  We all know that if we’re feeling frumpy we can put on some makeup, do our hair, and dress nicely and we’ll instantly lift our spirits.  But sometimes we fail to notice the ripple effect that has on those around us.

If you’re feeling great and smiling more, your kids and husband are getting the best version of you.  Why not carry that over to the gym.  Instead of saying “I could never be in good shape because I have kids” Natalie believes that you can and you should keep focused on your goals.  When you’re looking and feeling your best those around you are blessed by the best version of you.  You are more at peace and that has unseen effects on your kids.  You can’t save someone on a flight without putting your own oxygen mask on first because you’re struggling to breathe yourself.  The flight attendants instruct you to work on YOU, and only then will you be of the most benefit to those you love.  So don’t feel guilty about wishing you looked better and felt better.  Take action, for yourself, and for those that you love!

Her motto is “You CAN and you WILL, unless you DON’T.”  Like Zig Ziglar said, “You don’t drown by falling in water; you only drown if you stay there.”

Natalie is here to help you along the way, to help you get over the paralyzing intimidation that comes with not knowing where to begin, and to keep you motivated along the way.  

If not now, then when?  Schedule your free consultation today!