oren portrait

Oren Whiting, BS, CPT

“Extensive amounts of research within a laboratory and in the gym ensure that I can guide you down the healthiest road possible.”

Growing up, I loved to play sports and challenge the limits of my body. This lead to many awards and D-1 recruitment to play football. Today I still enjoy finding ways to make myself stronger and faster. As an exercise physiologist, I can scientifically help people achieve their goals. I specialize in weight loss and sport specific training that will put you a step ahead of the competition.

“Oren knows what his is doing when it comes to getting results. I ate more than I was allowing myself, even enjoyed by favorite foods, exercised smarter and the results were dramatic for my body, but also for my self image.

Oren helped me face the consequences of my choices in a healthy way.  He believed in me and helped me believe in myself. He was n’t willing to give up on me even with my slip ups along the way. He helped me gain confidence to keep progressing and achieve even without perfection.”

-Cassie H

“When I started training with Oren, I had been working out on my own logo enough to know the basics, but had reached a point that the basics were no longer getting me anywhere. I had never worked with a trainer, so it changed everything to have not only someone to hold me accountable, but someone who helped me create reachable goals and gave me the tools necessary to reach them.  Before, my gym regime was solely to look a certain way or see a certain number on the scale. Oren turned me into a state record holder in powerlifting, helped me completely change my body composition, and most importantly helped me learn to love working out again, and actually for the right reasons.”

-Rachael N