2021 Mecca Gym Strongest Man 2021 Vendor / Sponsors Sign-Up

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2021 Mecca Gym Strongest Man 2021 Vendor / Sponsors Sign-Up

We are requiring Sponsors to have their information and payment submitted no later than Friday, April 9, 2021. This allows us to get your logo and information on our event flyers, promotional items, social media posts, and event merchandise.

Sponsorship enrollment and payment must be submitted electronically or check by mail. Payment needs to be in hand by Friday, April 9, 2021.

Please email the following to chelsea@themeccagym.com by Friday, April 9, 2021.

➡ Company logo and artwork (.png format)
➡ Company website link
➡ Company social media links

With your sponsorship, you are given a 12’x12’ booth space by default. We provide more booth options, which are listed in the Sponsor Entry From below. As this is a fundraiser, we try to accommodate as many booths as possible in the space available. It is important for us to know if you will be participating in your booth space, so we can plan accordingly.

As a sponsor, we ask that you help cross promote the event through social media posts & shares, event flyers provided to you, or make your own flyers! This will help to increase community awareness about the competition and your company’s support!

You will receive an email 1 week prior to the competition. This email will include your sponsor booth location (if applicable), required arrival time, sponsor parking map, etc.

This is an outside event that is held on the front parking lot of The Mecca Gym. Please come prepared for the weather!

Sponsors are responsible for bringing, setting up, cleanup, and removal of their own table, canopy, chairs, extension cords, displays.

For questions please contact chelsea@themeccagym.com or call/text Chelsea at 208.900.8672

  • Name of company or dba ordering booth space
  • Your company logo displayed on the equipment, banner or flag during the run time of your chosen sponsored event (see options below). Each event will have one set of equipment for both men and women’s events. Your company logo displayed on all of our 2021 event flyers, social media posts, retail shirts, and competitor shirts worn during the event. Your company tagged in all of our 2021 event social media posts. Our Emcee will also highlight your company during the run time of your chosen sponsored event and brief description of your companies services. Your company logo placed in our Strongman 2021 event brochure. This brochure is given to every vendor, competitor, AND spectator! We will incorporate your logo or company name into our Strongman logo!
  • What this event entails: The Conan’s Wheel is a long bar tha sticks out from a pivot point. Weight is loaded between the pivot point and the athlete. The athlete then lifts the bar by placing it on their forearms. From this position, the athlete pivots the bar around in a circle for time or distance and measured in either degrees or distance. This is considered a painful event due to the way the bar is held.
  • What this event entails: A Viking Press is a standing press competition from a fixed implement using a leverage system. The athlete will grab the straight bar or parallel handles attached at the end of a lever system. The athlete will lift the loaded weight upward and overhead.
  • What this event entails: A simple frame for the vehicle to sit on. The athlete will stand inside the frame facing, sway from the rear of the vehicle. The athlete will grip the parallel bars and lift upwards in a deadlift style to full lock out. This isa stationary event with the weight ranging from the lightest weight of a car to increasingly heavier weight of a full size SUV!
  • What this event entails: Our Carry Medley for 2021 will include a Keg, Sandbag, and Húsafell Stone. The athlete will pick one item up, carry this item a defined distance, set it down and pick up the next. With each completed pass, the weight of the items is increased. Athletes are judged on time and weight lifted. This is a test of endurance and strength as athletes must lift, carry and walk each item.
  • We will have both men’s and women’s trophies, with 5 divisions in each! Each trophy will have your company logo on it!
  • Each competitor and volunteer will receive an event bag full of goodies donated from vendors and sponsors, as well as supplement samples and snacks. With your Event Bag Sponsorship, your logo printed on the outside of all the bags! This will be an easy advertisement for your company.
  • We are estimating 80 competitors for our 2021 competition! With this sponsorship, your logo will be highlighted at the top of the shirts!
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