UXO Send It Pre-Workout

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Stimulants should be used in a Preworkout to improve endurance, strength, and mental focus. Caffeine and other stimulants in the right amounts can influence the Central Nervous System to block adenosine which will reduce fatigue during exercise. Too many stimulants can restrict blood flow and actually hinder performance. We use a unique combination of Caffeine with trademarked Neurofactor and Theobromine to deliver optimal energy and focus while maintaining optimal blood flow for maximum endurance.

UXO Send It Pre-Workout

Combining 10 ingredients that work synergistically together to deliver unmatched pump, focus, energy, and fat burning capabilities that you will not find with the competition. Intensify your focus and prime your body to crush PRs and elevate your performance in the gym.

Flavors – Kiwi Strawberry, Tiger’s Blood


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