The Mecca Gym is passionate about supporting Strongman and hosts an annual Strongman competition to bring awareness to the sport:

The Mecca Gym’s Strongest Man/Woman Competition and Expo.

Each year the events are different and more aspiring than the last! For the 2020 competition we will have:

Viking Press

Stone Series

Car Deadlift

Carry Medley

Conan’s Wheel

All proceeds from our annual Strongman competition are donated to a nonprofit organization geared towards our service members, both active and non active.

We are proud to announce Homes For Our Troops as our 2020 event charity! Throughout the past 4 years The Mecca Gym and all supporters have raised over $20,000 dollars for veteran owned charities!

Of course, a huge competition, expo, and charity event would not be complete without amazing raffle opportunities!

Past raffle items have been anything such as: an AR-15, revolver, gun safe, custom Glock19, Cordova coolers, the list goes on.

All raffle items were donated by participating vendors and sponsors to help raise more money for the years veteran owned charity!

Between the excitement and strength the competitors bring, amazing vendors, live demonstrations, raffle prizes, food and drink, this annual event will be one you will want to be a part of!

The Mecca Gym has everything a Strongman competitor could want! We provide tires ranging from 300-1,000 pounds, circus dumbbells, Atlas stones, yolks, log press, and Conan’s wheel. All of our trainers are more than capable of providing strength training and we also have one trainer, Marlon Carson, who competes in the sport himself, taking 1st place in the Heavyweight class for the 2019 event.

If you have any questions or interest in the sport of Strongman or would like to inquire about training click the button to get set up with a free consultation with Coach Marlon Carson, or come to the front desk at The Mecca Gym during our staffed office hours: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm or Saturday 10am-2pm.