Alex G. Paterson, BS, NASM ACE-CPT

I love all things lifting

I was not the usual sport kid that loved athletics as a child. I was small, skateboarded and got picked on a bit. My excitement for the gym experience did not start until I was 28. I found that through lifting I began to feel more confident and happier about myself. This lead me back to school to finish up my degree at ISU in PE with an emphasis in Sport Management. I have been a trainer here in the Meridian Nampa area since 2007. I love helping people find their excitement for achieving their goals. Seeing people smile and find pride in their hard work is what makes me love to come to work. 
I have found a community here at the Mecca first as a member and trainee and now as a trainer of like minded people all in the pursuit of being the best they can be. Through my training here I know the methods are tried, true and science based. 
My number 1 philosophy is if it isn’t fun it’s not sustainable. Please let me help you find and keep your excitement for the gym experience that elevates your life in all aspects. 

A bad day at the gym is better than no day at the gym!