laura portrait

Laura Pulkinen, BS, MS, NASM CPT, CEP, PN1

“IYCYM- If you can you must.  My focus as your trainer and coach is to help you become the best version of yourself; through proper training, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Because if you can, be the best you, you must.”

I have over 10 years of experience with many client types including: weight loss, bodybuilding, chronic diseases/conditions, cardiac & pulmonary rehabilitation, geriatrics, body composition, first time gym goers, injury prevention, sports conditioning, functional fitness, body composition, and overall wellness. 
My passion for health and fitness started with my parents, lead me to be a multi-sport athlete, and the desire to help others live a healthy lifestyle. Personally, I have competed in bodybuilding (NPC) and also spartan races and triathlons. I continue to challenge myself to try new things to make exercise exciting and rewarding. 
My belief is that Fitness is different for everyone. As your coach with my experience and advanced education,  I’ll help you find what works for you as an individual to reach whatever your goals are, as well as live a healthy lifestyle that you enjoy.