zach portrait

Zach Pulkinen, BS, CPT

“If you can you must. 5 words that I correlate all aspects of fitness too.”

You owe it to yourself to become the very best version of you. Whether it be nutrition, training, supplementation, or recovery it makes no difference. If you can do it, to better yourself, you must.

I have been an athlete all my life. Playing sports at the collegiate and professional level has given me vast knowledge of athletic performance training. Receiving a B.S. in Chemistry, with emphasis in biochemistry, has helped understand the numerous processes of the body and thus help others to understand as well. Incorporating both my athletic background and my degree has led to my success in the sport of Bodybuilding, both competing and coaching.

I believe in a constant pursuit of knowledge as it pertains to fitness. The more information I have the better I can help others. If you can you must.