Oren Whiting BS, CPT


Growing up, I loved to play sports and challenge the limits of my body. This lead to many awards and D-1 recruitment to play football. Today I still enjoy finding ways to make myself stronger and faster. As an exercise physiologist, I can scientifically help people achieve their goals. I specialize in weight loss and sport specific training that will put you a step ahead of the competition.

Extensive amounts of research within a laboratory and in the gym ensure that I can guide you down the healthiest road possible.

Jessica Roy BS, CPT


“Fitness” is a relative term and it means something different to everyone. As a coach I strive to customize programs based on what fitness means to
you. Fitness could be losing fat, gaining muscle, increasing aerobic capacity, or having a healthier relationship with food. My spark for program
design and exercise science started early when I was 14 and I was keeping a journal of everything that I would eat and trying to make connections
between what I ate and my athletic performances and moods. Turns out, people have already done that research and thanks for Boise State University and my Internship with The Mecca Gym I feel now equipped to help others in their fitness journey.

Tyler Giery BS, CPT


After playing 5 sports in High School and running Track & Field in college, I joined the United States Navy where I became a Command Fitness Leader for my Helicopter Squadron. I am now a competitive powerlifter in the 83kg class with the USAPL. However, every aspect of fitness is my passion. I want you to be as successful in your fitness endeavors as I have! Whether you want to lose weight, run faster jump higher, or lift heavier weight, I am here to help you smash every goal we set out to reach!

You can achieve anything you set your mind to, and I’ll be there to help you do it!