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Trevor Summers, BS, NASM, CPT

“…I will help you reach the next level”

Through countless hours researching strength, conditioning, injury prevention, and overall wellness, in both my career and academic pursuits, I have developed a personalized, tried and true approach that will exceed your expectations- and help you to reach far beyond your goals.

Since I was 3 years old, I have been playing sports. I have always enjoyed exercise, and I love to help others find their passion. I spend a lot of my free time finding ways to make an exercise most effective, because this is what I love!

As an exercise scientist, I am well versed in all aspects of bodybuilding, strength and conditioning, athletic performance and weight loss. I have trained everyone from elite athletes in peak performance (for shows and sport competitions), to someone starting over from a liver transplant on 1lb. dumbbells. 

Real Client Testimonials

“When I entered the gym for my first time I was over weight, out of shape, extremely self conscious and frankly pretty lost.   I have a lower back problem where my lowest disk is slightly out of place that I was born with and it has hindered me in the past.  I also got in a car accident where I messed up my left shoulder pretty bad as well.  Due to the back and shoulder injuries I didn’t let them hold me back I just powered through for years making it work.   This in turn caused me to develop some bad habits and improper form which would hurt me in the long term.   While I had this just push through it mentality I have had 2 other trainers before Trevor, one in Moab Utah at a local gym and one in Billings Montana.  When I trained with those trainers my workouts were pretty generic and since I could put up the weights my trainers never tried to correct me.   
Then along comes Trevor from day one he has pushed me hard giving me great workouts and he has taken the time to understand my injuries and work to strengthen and help them.   He has trained me in proper form and helped me build back up in weight after doing so.  His workouts are extremely unique.  I have learned with him there is no such thing as a light weight because in the end the satisfying burn is always the end result regardless.  I have been lifting weights for quite a long time before I came to Axiom and even 3 months in about 70% of the lifts and ways we work the muscles are new to me.   I don’t feel like I’m just following a googled workout on the Internet when I work out with Trevor.  
He has helped me with diet and held me accountable but it was in an understanding way where he encouraged change bit by bit.  He accepted that I couldn’t just cold turkey the habits and never expressed frustration as I kept slipping up in the beginning.  Instead he encouraged me to keep improving and giving advice on ways to address cravings and he even gave me some healthy recipes to cook in a short amount of time.  
To conclude I want to say that it isn’t just with me he acts this way.   I had never seen him with his other clients before until the fitness challenge started.  On Sundays he has a fitness class with his team, it was during this class I decided it was really important to me that I write this letter.   We had about 15 people in the upper room and Trevor didn’t stop moving the whole time in between stations he was continually making adjustments where needed.  He didn’t just know my limits he knew everyone elses who was there and he was modifying each individual making things harder or easier based on what he knew they could do and how they were performing at their station.”
I thank you for taking the time to read this and am so grateful for all Axiom and Trevor Summers have done for me.
Charles Diem

When I started training with Trevor, I was seven months post-op from hip surgery. I had not been able to workout much since my surgery and had lost a lot of muscle. Trevor focused on helping me strengthen my hip and getting my nutrition back on track. I’ve trained with Trevor now for ten months and am stronger than ever and can do just about anything with little to no limitations. Trevor has helped me increase my strength and ability and is always motivating me to push myself to get stronger.