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Kaylee Veatch

Kaylee Veatch


USAPL Idaho State Chair & State Referee, USA Rugby L1 Coach
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Law Enforcement/First Responder, Athletic Performance, Strength, General Fitness
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Training Philosophy

Kaylee was a multiport athlete from the age of 5 and has been involved in sports and athletics her whole life, playing softball, soccer, rugby, basketball, volleyball and track & field. After playing softball at the colligate level she followed in her dads footsteps and began powerlifting and competing in strongman competitions in 2020. Since then she has competed in numerous meets locally and out of state. In 2023 she became a State Referee and the USAPL Idaho State Chair. In addition to her gym endeavors she is the College of Idaho Women’s Rugby Head Coach and a mens assistant coach. Kaylee earned her B.S. from Chico State University prior to moving to the Boise area. Kaylee has been working at the Mecca since 2022. Shortly after starting to work at the Mecca she knew she wanted to train athletes and first responders. Her goal is to help HS athletes make the transition to their college weight rooms as seamless as possible which is something she wish she had prior to leaving for her college softball program. Being raised by first responders she knew she wanted to train them and help physically prepare them for their shifts as well as their everyday life. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your athletic performance, a first responder looking to prepare yourself for your shifts or just looking get in better shape, Kaylee is here to help!

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