Real Client Success Stories

“When I first started seeing Eric I think I was roughly around 155 and about 15-16 percent body fat, and my max on bench was about 185. Now I’m sitting at about 12% body fat and 198, and maxed 315 bench, 385 squat, and 495 dead after working with him!

I’ve went through a few injuries and things that have made it extremely difficult to lift and hit macros. Slowly recovering and getting back on path. I will be shooting passed those maxes soon! He has been nothing but a great coach, inspiration, and motivator. I won’t go to another coach!‬‬‬”


I have always wanted to compete, so I finally decided to get a coach and just do it! After hearing nothing but good things about Eric I decided to train with him and see what I was capable of. This will be my first show ever and I still have so far to go with gaining muscle.

But in the short amount of time I’ve been working with Eric I have learned so much! This guy knows his stuff! It amazes me to see how much my body has transformed in such a short period of time, and I can’t wait to see how far I can go. ‪These pictures are 9 weeks apart, from the day I started my workouts to where I am now.


I was referred to Eric by Tina Pacey – I’m in ATX as well, going for my first bikini show, after many failed attempts to prep, I decide to hire Eric. I went from restricting my diet to lowest calorie intake, to Eric’s macros and training plan that has brought me from 136lbs down to 131.4 in only 11days! I’m eating more carbs, lifting heavy, losing weight(fat).

Yes, cardio is fun now with only 15 min. HIIT. This is going to be my way of life, Eric Cafferty Coaching for life.‬‬‬ ‪Day 1* pix 8/7/15,1250kal. 45/60 min. cardio daily + lifting.‬‬‬ 8/18/15 average 1550kal. 4×15 min. HIIT, 5 days fun lifting. Love carbs.


I met Eric when I started shopping at the Bodybuilding.com store. I’m sure I was annoying but I kept talking his ear off every time anyway. I was tore up from depleting for a show I had done and he offered to help me. I haven’t looked back since. It’s been a challenge to regain a healthy body but he’s guided me with a patient temperament and honest assessment every time. As far as lifting goes I’ve (no BS) increased my dead lift by at least 100lbs.

I didn’t have any form and could get about 250 off the ground with my back arch. Since then I pulled 415 and have been able to rep out more than I ever thought. 3 leg days per week helped the picture below become a reality! I still cuss at him and send him hateful messages at least once a month after leg day. He’s not in it for the money and actually cares about each client, no matter their personality quirks.‬‬‬


When I met Eric I was recovering from a few serious injuries from running college track. Prior to meeting him I had torn all four hamstring muscles and my gracilis, I had a torn labrum, and I refused to squat as I had pulled my back muscles from squatting with poor form. Basically I was a mess. After a year of training with Eric my body fat dropped from 16% to 9% and I gained about 20lbs of muscle. After Eric forced me to start squatting my max increased over the course of about 7months from about 135lbs for 1-2reps to 265lbs, dead lifts went from 225lbs- 385lbs, and bench went from 120lbs to 185lbs.

I learned how to take care of my body and track my food in a mentally healthy way. Over the course of three years I earned 2 pro cards in figure and competed in my first pro show June 2014 where I placed in the middle of the pack in the most competitive competition I have ever been to or really seen. I definitely can’t imagine ever trusting any other trainer the way I do Eric.‬‬‬


Since I began training with Eric I have gained more knowledge of diet and exercise in such a short time. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, Eric has changed my life. I was on an antidepressant for about a year and a half. I am no longer taking it because of the support and encouragement I have been given by Eric. I have won my height class in two figure competitions as well as winning my weight class in two power lifting meets. Last year around this time I remember squatting 225 for barely two reps, Saturday I hit 281.

I have excelled in dead lift and also in bench press. I learned how to use MyFitnessPal efficiently during contest prep and all the fundamentals of tracking macros. I learned the im

portance of sodium intake and calm ;). I seriously could go on and on, but in a nut shell, Eric has exceeded my expectations, pushed me to my limits, and has been a great coach and friend.


Eric saved my life (in my eyes) during contest prep this June. My other trainer had me doing some weird stuff, never lined me out with exercises or macros, just a diet plan and charged me a lot. When I started with Eric I made crazy awesome progress with my squats. They used to be so scary for me because of my back. Dead lifts were also scary and I can do those now! I’m up in the low hundreds now with both and it’s been years since I’ve been able to do that.

Eric also let me eat way more, and that was fantastic. But in short he helped me out in a time of need and I appreciate it so much! He is a great person and trainer, I’m excited to hopefully start up again soon with him and work my way towards figure. First show ever and took 6th out of twelve, one away dang it but there’s always next time, Thanks Eric! My transformation pic is kind of a combo, I started but then he helped me finish in a way better direction than I was headed.‬‬‬


I’ve been a huge fan of lifting since college. I knew enough about fitness and exercise to do alright on my own. When I started with Eric, I was looking for someone to hold me accountable and help me reach my goal of competing. I started training with Eric in December 2014 weighing 134lbs and around 15% BF. I competed in my first competition in April 2015 weighing 126lbs and 9% BF. My strength has increased tremendously, I feel less sluggish throughout the day and I have so much more knowledge and awareness of what I put into my body and how hard I want to work.

I’m even considering a power-lifting meet, which, in addition to competing in bodybuilding, I never thought I was capable of doing this. I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made and look forward to the gains I can make from here. I couldn’t thank Eric enough for his wisdom, guidance, and uncanny ability to keep things in perspective without making me feel bad about myself.


6 week transformation; however, Made huge improvements in strength and physique since photos. In 2.5 months was able to improve by 35 lbs on bench!‬‬


June 2013 on the left. Weighed 258 lbs. June 2014 on the right. Weighed 198 lbs. couldn’t have done it without ‪Eric Cafferty‬‬.



Seven weeks ago I was at 1200 calories per day. Then I started working with Eric, with the goal of weight maintenance with composition change. We are at 2100 calories per day now with no increase in weight on the scale. I’m amazed! And I thought for sure i would have to eat only chicken and veggies. I was so wrong!‬‬‬


2nd place with Eric Cafferty helping me out. Weight here was 169, and I benched 350. Strength has increased around 40lbs on bench alone since I started working with Eric.


I started training with Eric in January 2015 and he got me to the best shape I have ever been in for the NPC Idaho Muscle Classic. I stuck to my macros and kicked butt! I complained and sacrificed but in the end I was proud of myself! The biggest goal was to make Eric proud of what I could do and show him I meant business and wanted to show that I could do an NPC show and get the win.

‪I’m proud of myself for pushing through personal obstacles and training for my first NPC show and staying focused! I still am thankful for everything Eric has done for me personally this year and I am forever thankful for him and Kaycee!