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Sarah Mouser

sarah mouser headshot
sarah mouser headshot
Sarah Mouser
MS Kinesiology
Expert Knowledge
Movement Proficiency and Correction, Post Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation, Exercise during and post cancer treatment, Adaptive programming for all ages
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Training Philosophy

Sarah has been in the fitness industry since 2005 and obtained multiple certifications including certified strength and condition specialist (NSCA CSCS), CrossFit Level I, certified massage therapist and the Functional Movement Screen. She obtained her master’s in Kinesiology in 2009 from Georgia Southern University. Her experience includes a variety of fitness specialties including strength and conditioning of all athletic levels (youth to professional), CrossFit, general fitness (youth to aged), post orthopedic surgery, clients going through cancer treatments, post stroke, etc. She specializes in movement proficiency and adaptive programming. Her attention to detail provides a comfort to new clients while pushing to achieve goals.

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