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Conner Hudak

Conner Hudak


ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist
ISSA Personal Trainer
Expert Knowledge
Body Recomposition, Weight Loss, Nutrition Guidance
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Training Philosophy

As a Junior Olympics athlete for water polo and a consistent lifter, Conner loves to keep intensity and energetic fun within his workouts. You should be sweating, breathing hard, and sore after a workout but still have a huge smile on your face! Conner started to become heavily involved with the fitness industry during the Covid-19 pandemic and wanted to see a physical and mental change in his life. After staying consistent with a program he created through his own research, he lost over 30 pounds in 5 months and realized he wanted to maintain this lifestyle. Learning more about the fitness industry created a realization that led to his desire to show people that you can look good, feel good, and have fun doing it! Starting by asking friends and family to start training sessions with him, he has taken the steps to branch out his network and be a professional in the industry. By incorporating bodybuilding aspects into his everyday regime, Conner focuses on building strength and muscle endurance with his clients while emphasizing preventative lifting so that they can stay healthy and be consistent with their training. He also loves to cook and believes that you can create healthy food without cutting corners on flavor! If you need a recipe that relates to your goals that you’re sure to fall in love with, Conner is the trainer to choose.

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