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Garrett Ussery

The Mecca Gym Boise Idaho Coach Trainer Garrett Ussery
The Mecca Gym Boise Idaho Coach Trainer Garrett Ussery
Garrett Ussery

Competition Prep and Lifestyle Trainer

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Competition Prep and Lifestyle Training
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Training Philosophy

Garrett grew up always being active and playing sports but always wanted to be able to go to a gym. Once he got his first job he was finally able to get his first gym membership and start his fitness journey. He quickly grew a passion for fitness and learned everything he could to expand his knowledge. His passion led him to a career in personal training where he could help others reach their potential. Garrett has been competing for 10 years with his latest accomplishment winning the 2016 Idaho Muscle Classic overall bodybuilding championship. Through his years of experience competing he has learned how to coach clients and prepare them for the competition stage. Many would agree that competition prep is one of the hardest and most demanding endeavors one will face. Garrett understands how hard it can be and will help ensure that you are successful.

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