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Kaylia Rhodes

The Mecca Gym Boise Idaho Coach Trainer Kaylia Rhodes
The Mecca Gym Boise Idaho Coach Trainer Kaylia Rhodes
Kaylia Rhodes

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Kaylia is a Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor out of The Mecca Gym. She has developed a tremendous passion for posing and presentation. She has competed in bodybuilding since 2017; competing in 5 regional competitions where she has consistently placed in the top 5 and achieved two first-place class wins, earning her national qualification. She has gone on to compete in the 2021 Jr. USAs where she placed 7th, and is headed to her second national show in July 2021 at USA’s. Kaylia is working towards becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro and is well-known for her above-and-beyond dedication, positive attitude, and passion for the sport of competitive bodybuilding. In addition to her personal goals, Kaylia has found a passion for sharing her knowledge and mentoring other competitors. She aspires to grow personally and professionally in bodybuilding while helping competitors bring their best performance to the stage!

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