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Lexi Underhill

Lexi Underhill


Expert Knowledge
Weightloss, General Fitness, Aesthetics, Female Bikini/Wellness/Figure
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Training Philosophy

Lexi’s fitness journey began at just 3 years old. She worked relentlessly towards the highest level of competitive gymnastics for 11 years. She then transitioned into coaching a competitive gymnastics team for several years. This is where she found her true passion of influencing and empowering others. She knows grit and can see a goal all the way through, even if there isn’t instant self gratification. She will help you fall in love with the process because your fitness is about longevity and results. She practices what she preaches and has been deliberately building a wellness physique for the past three years. She will provide every tool and solution needed for you to break through your personal barriers and help you reach your goals. Lexi is ready to get her clients on the path of personal growth that comes with investing in yourself.

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