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Zach Pulkinen

The Mecca Gym Boise Idaho Coach Trainer Zach Pulkinen
The Mecca Gym Boise Idaho Coach Trainer Zach Pulkinen
Zach Pulkinen

Bodybuilding Trainer & Competition Prep

BS Chemistry, Emphasis Biochemistry
Certified Personal Trainer
Expert Knowledge
Weight loss, Bodybuilding Competition Prep, Bodybuilding Posing, Improving Overall Health & Wellness, and Athletic Development
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Training Philosophy

Zach has been an athlete his entire life; playing sports at the collegiate (soccer and football) and professional levels (football). Now he focuses his competitive drive on Bodybuilding, both as a coach and athlete in the sport. He uses his education and his athletic background, to deliver evidence-based exercise programming and nutritional guidance. Zach’s clients range from individuals wishing to improve their athletic performance, physique improvement, weight loss, bodybuilding, and more. Recently one of his clients was able to come off all blood pressure medications and another one took an overall champion title at his first bodybuilding show. Zach and his wife both train at the Mecca Gym, choosing to lead by example he will never ask his clients to do something he hasn’t tried or does not believe in.

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